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Rs.88.22 lacs HY2 profit at Naysaa Securities in FY19-20

Profit margin increases for Naysaa Securities in HY2 of FY2019-20 as against the loss of previous year same period.

Company : Naysaa Securities Ltd

Naysaa Securities announced the financial results for half year ended 31.03.2020 marking a jump in profit with less revenue margins as compared to a year ago period.

Following are the HY2 financials at Naysaa Securities in FY2019-20:

• Net profit reached Rs.88.22 lacs against loss of Rs.2.14 crore in the same period a year ago.

• Profit before tax stands at Rs.91.03 lacs as compared loss before tax of Rs.2.42 crore in a year ago period.

• Total revenue earned is Rs.16.82 crore while last year corresponding period it was Rs.21.15 crore.

• EPS is Rs.2.54 while previous year same period it was loss per share of Rs.6.16

The total standalone earnings at Naysaa Securities in the financial year 2019-20 was Rs.24.12 crore followed by PAT of Rs.28 lacs.

In the preceding fiscal year revenue reached Rs.103.89 crore marking a post-tax loss of Rs.76.38 lacs.

Rs. in Lacs
Current Year Upto Previous Year Upto Previous Year
31/3/2020 31/3/2019 2019-2020
Income Statement
Revenue 1516.24 2108.76 2241.99
Other Income 166.00 6.46 170.73
Total Income 1682.24 2115.22 2412.72
Expenditure 1586.14 2334.05 2352.34
Finance Cost 4.46 20.6 24.92
PBDT 91.63 -239.43 35.45
Depreciation 0.60 3.42 1.18
PBT 91.03 -242.85 34.27
Tax 2.81 -28.8 6.2
Net Profit 88.22 -214.05 28.00
Equity 347.68 347.68 347.68
EPS 2.54 -6.16 0.81

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